Why 3D? Why Now? How Can 3D and VR Help My Retail Business?

Monday, March 15, 2021

We here at ViRSE want to help you succeed in your business today as well as get you prepared for the oncoming 3D retail revolution of the future. If you have recently thought about starting a Shopify store, or have already been deeply immersed in e-Commerce for YEARS, there is no better way to jumpstart your sales than by leveraging 3D models today.

In fact, with many brick-and-mortar retail locations completely shuttering, and foot traffic to
department stores, malls, and showrooms on the decline for years, being able to sell online successfully
by standing out amongst the onslaught of digital content has become A NECCESSITY.

According to the latest data from IBM’s U.S. Retail Index, the COVID-19 pandemic has already
accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by FIVE years. So not only do you
need to transform your store into an 100% digital retailer, but to succeed you need to get a jumpstart on
the 3D Shopping Trend that was already set in place pre-Pandemic.

In short, the very best way for your brand to stand out right now is by incorporating 3D. 3D is a great
way to get attention for your products and make an impact while giving your customer a better overall
online shopping experience.

The numbers prove it. According to Shopify, having 3D models of your products have proven to more
than DOUBLE online sales and reduce returns by 40%. Let that sink in for a moment. If you can do ONE
simple thing that is available TODAY and easy to implement and it DOUBLES your sales, what are you
waiting for?

This opportunity will not always be there as it become more and more standard ‘table-stakes’ for every
e-Commerce site. However, so far only a handful of retailers are taking advantage of this amazing
technology; therefore, if you were to implement it today, your prospects at first will go look at your 3D
products out of curiosity, and then they will linger longer, buy more, and return less.

It has already been proven by some tech forward savvy retailers. Interior design platform, Houzz,
reported consumers exposed to AR products were 11 times more likely to purchase and spent 2.7 times
more time in the Houzz app. In fact, there are FIVE main reasons why everyone should be putting a 3D
AR models in place for their products today:

Enhances Consumer Confidence and Conversion

3D and AR Technologies are easier than ever to implement on your product pages. They allow
customers to see their potential purchase in detail and give them a better understanding of how these
products will fit into their current lifestyle and apartments. This gives them the closest experience they
can have of a store or showroom without needing to go there.

And while this may be the only option during the pandemic, it will increasingly be the main way we all
shop in the future.

Enables Retailers to Sell an Experience

Shoppers are not only looking for products, but experiences. Experiences are driven by emotion. I want
to experience excitement while shopping as well as buy products that create strong emotions in me.
That is why branding and messaging are such significant parts of a marketing strategy. You’re not only
selling a designer chair, but you’re also selling a brand, a style, an opinion. The buying process matters.
3D and AR enable shopping to be turned into entertainment.

Enables Retailers to Sell Status

Our belongings define us. MacBook or PC? Tesla or Volvo? Suunto or Rolex? They send signals that
establish who we are long before someone gets to know us. For that reason, products are owned and
cherished and needed. Also for that reason expensive “considered purchases” have longer sales cycles
as status signaling is factored into the buying process. Whether in-store or online, shoppers want to
contextualize a product before committing to a status worthy purchase, and interactivity with that
product provides the key. They want to try on the persona of the product and see if it ‘fits’ them as it
also signals their inclusion to their chosen “tribe.”

Reduces Returns and Exchanges

Again, we return to the Shopify study that found that having 3D models of your products have proven to
more than double your online sales and REDUCE RETURNS by 40%. This is because 3D models and AR
give your customers a better understanding of your product from the start, so they are less likely to
return it. It helps answer questions such as: What does the item look like from every angle? Are there
buttons or knobs or dials? Will it fit in my space? Is it bigger or smaller than my current couch?

Leverages Multiple Platforms

As 3D become more prevalent, you can leverage your 3D content not only as the gateway to your virtual
showroom store but also now in a variety of platforms, including Google Swirl, Facebook, Instagram
Spark AR, Snapchat, and…. whatever comes next. By creating 3D models your brand will instantly stand
out from the crowd and achieve more sales today while future proofing your sales and marketing for
tomorrow. Your virtual store, your product pages, and all of your marketing will never look and convert
better than once they are populated with your very own 3D models (!)

Now is the time. Seize the 3D sales and marketing opportunity that continues to accelerate and get a
jumpstart on the future of retail!