Ẹkáàbọ̀ Park Ottoman

Each piece of this lively, dynamic, and colorful collection is upholstered in incredibly soft velvet and brings Afro-politan life seamlessly into your cozy living room.

Price 495 CREDITS
Creation Date 2021-07-09
Last Update 2021-07-09
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Ẹkáàbọ̀–Welcome Home! That’s the first thing our co-founder, Darryl Sharpton’s Nigerian friends said to him when he discovered his West African heritage. Like many Black Americans, Sharpton knew nothing about his ancestry, until August 2019 when he felt the urge to go on a quest to discover his true roots. He took a DNA test and unearthed a new part of himself; a part he felt drawn to, another home, another birthplace on the other side of the world.

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