Virse community roadmap and landmark moments.
Last updated: 2021-03-15

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The Sabbath Day


After the beginning, the Pioneers laid the path for the Pro’s to fund the Creators
who built an audience of Inspirers who influenced the many millions of Citizens who
use ViRSE every day for their shopping.
This is the story of ViRSE.

And on the 7th day, we rested.

The Citizens


More and more people on earth would learn about the ViRSE from the Creators and
Inspirers and begin to take flight. The citizens were so excited by what they saw and
began to buy the products the creators had created that the inspirers were inspiring
and the merchants were selling. Some Citizens also became Creators and Inspirers

ViRSE thought that everything was very good.

On the sixth day, there were Citizens.

The Merchants…


On earth day, 1st August 2020, the Merchants connected their real-world to the
ViRSE. This meant that the creators, creations would be connected to real-life
products on earth. When this happened the creators’ products became known as
ViRSIONS. This enabled the creators and inspirers to begin to manifest their
impossible dreams, conceived inside ViRSE into reality in the real-world.

Merchants could now sell their products faster and more successfully than ever
before and understand their customer’s future purchasing aspirations on earth, in a
brand new way. The creators would be rewarded from content that passed into the
ViRSE, because every-time a sale was made on a merchants shop, the creator
would receive cred for it. Cred it the monetary system inside the ViRSE and is
rewarded to all inhabitants for their work and participation.

Inspirers who had bought the ViRSIONS to fulfil their dream inside ViRSE would also
receive cred as ambassadors of the creators content, acting as a conduit to the
merchants shopping cart. Millions of citizens would follow the inspirers and buy from
the merchants. The merchants soon saw ViRSE as the only place to sell products
and very soon the connection from the future to the present would see lives
connecting and millions of products sold and distributed through a global delivery
grid, giving millions of people on earth additional cred for their contributions in
helping shop ViRSE products get to peoples home, on earth.

On the fifth day, there were merchants…

The Inspirers…


On earth day, June 1st 2021, the inspirers would be activated. A community of early
adopters, following and congratulating the creators of the ViRSE studio, would
automatically gain entry in ViRSE. They would watch, wear, own and live out the life
of their dreams, thanks to the efforts of our creators, the resources of our Pro’s and
the work of our Pioneers who entered the ViRSE for the first time.
Inspirers can own any creator’s digital product and share their world with friends who
will also want to become inspired.

On the fourth day, there were inspirers.

The Creators….


On November 26th 2020 earth time, ViRSE unlocked its studio. On this day we give
thanks to the imagination of humanity who would come in their thousands to create
and build a new world order and associated economy.
Artists, photographers, videographers and technical people would harness their
abilities, like never before and contribute towards a new life for themselves and
The content they would create would provide happiness, joy, entertainment and
basic needs for all of the inhabitants of the new ViRSE. Each creator would be
rewarded for their efforts by unlocking ViRSEWARE and taking flight into a new
base-line reality.

On the third day, there were creators

The Pros….


The pioneers needed help and attracted a new type of inhabitant, ready to fuel the
ViRSE with the resources it needed to open to new inhabitants. These resources
would provide a tool for all inhabitants to enter the ViRSE. This tool was called the

On the second day, there were Pros.

The pioneers….


The pioneers were first to settle and create a new baseline reality of people, places
and things. A new environment that mirrored the real world, but where anything
could be obtained at a fraction of their real-life value and earned without limitation.
The pioneers would breathe life into the ViRSE.

On the first day, there were Pioneers.

In the beginning…..


Without space and time became creation. Imagination encircles the world. A dream
manifested into being where a new world would exist, where everybody was equal.
Where the resources could be shared and ideas could flourish, where there was no
status, class, culture or creed. Just one world and one citizen, where any desire
could come to life.

In the beginning, there was ViRSE.