Matti Mops

Handmade with love

Chelmsford, England


About Matti Mops

Matti is an artist from the UK that encapsules intricate stories in every one of her creations. She dips deep into her imagination, for all her characters to emerge and come to life in the form of colorful sculptures.

Matti spends her days in her magical studio creating sculptures of her fabulous friends, dressing them in their favorite outfits and styling their Matti Mops! Matti’s friends have some special celebrations: memorable vacations, enjoyable sports or hobbies, and some adorable pets, some even have their own businesses. Sometimes they ask Matti to use her imagination to create a keep sake or gift for a special occasion.

In her trademark red dress and black apron emblazoned with an “M”, Matti starts her day with a bright smile as she walks outside of her studio to greet her Friends and new Customers.