The COVID Catalyst

Monday, September 21, 2020

$602 Billion. That is what online sales totaled in the US in 2019 alone. This number shows a 15% increase since 2018, keeping in mind, that the stats and recollected data from this study were taken way before the global pandemic struck. Shopify, predicted global e-commerce sales to ammount an astronomical $4.9T worldwide in 2040, again, in a study completed way before the pandemic struck. As of 2020, 63% of consumers said they shifted the way they bought products due to the pandemic, preferring a digital platform to a physical one. The trends have always been there, COVID has merely acted as a catalyst for what was already happening.

ViRSE, the virtual universe, is here to change the game of these online interactions – integrating both commercial and personal experiences for users, through an immersive world of three-dimensional virtual reality. Through ViRSE, you will experiment an extension of your persona, easily logged-on through any device with access to the internet. As a citizen of ViRSE, you’ll be able to pick your neighbors, build strong connections with people oceans away, shop, sell – the possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to handpick the reality you’ve always dreamed of. That is, essentially, what ViRSE is.

Through our immersive market, you’ll be able to break the barriers between your online and offline reality, buying real life products from real life merchants. You’ll be able to interactively experience the product before you buy it; visualize its dimensions, color schemes, how it looks on you, next to you. The unforgiving – not always pleasant – surprise of buying online has finally reached an expiration date. Through ViRSE, you will never be less than 100% sure before buying a product.

Want to sell through ViRSE? ViRSE offers a never-before-seen online experience for e-commerce. ViRSE is the platform where all doubts are minimized for potential customers, and before-sale hesitation for merchants is eradicated through complete commercial safety on both ends. Interact with potential clients in a way that other digital platforms will never allow you to. As a merchant on ViRSE, you are in complete control of the experience you offer through virtual reality. Build your dream store without investing in brick and mortar – showcase all your products before investing in production, test customer acceptance before taking a major risk for your company. ViRSE is truly the wonderland for both merchants and clients, re-defining the game of e-commerce worldwide.

NASDAQ predicts that 95% of all global sales in 2040 will occur through a digital form of exchange. COVID has catalyzed all predictions at an accelerated rate. Want to get ahead of the market? Become a citizen of ViRSE.