Monday, September 21, 2020

Are you sure your data is safe? You’ve probably read about numerous cyber attacks in the papers – but did you know most of them could’ve been prevented if user’s information wasn’t easily traced?

Daily, people around the world share private data through messaging apps – credit card numbers, passwords, social security numbers, etc. – assuming that this sensitive information is safe through this private messaging exchange. The answer is no, if your messaging app doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption, your private data is as safe as if you had put it on a banner in front of your house – the whole wide world might not have access to it, but those who know where to look, could steal it in a heartbeat.

CONViRSE is ViRSE’s private messaging app. It offers military-grade encryption on both ends of the conversation, untraceable voice and video calls, and its servers are programmed to destroy messaging history every so often, so all sensitive data is eliminated within a pre-determined time frame. If you’re not able to trace information after it being deleted, CONViRSE servers won’t either.

CONViRSE offers an upgraded messaging experience for government agencies, startups, and overall businesses in general. It offers instant text and voice messages, group chats and video calls, document sharing, etc. CONViRSE is the place to share private information without hesitation.

Are you sure your private messaging app is safe after reading this article? Safety should never be taken lightly. Upgrade your day-to-day conversations with CONViRSE today.