The Virse App

The ViRSE in your Pocket.

ShopViRSE is the retail -ecommerce platform for all of the merchants and products in the ViRSE. The ViRSE APP is the interactive and immersive home of the entire Virtual Universe. Highlighted by incredibly accurate 3D models of real life products (ViRSIONs), 3D e -commerce showrooms that bring the online retail shopping experience to life, and personal ViRSE “Stations” that any site user can create to their own specifications. The ViRSE APP gives consumers an exciting way to experience new products and the chance to own those products both in Real Life and in the Digital World.


See the products you’re shopping for on ViRSE in a way you’ve never imagined – as photorealistic scale representations that you can virtually touch on your device! Move, turn or zoom the 3D objects at any angle and make sure you’re satisfied before hitting checkout!

ViRSE Shops

Shop your favorite brands by entering the virtual showrooms of the premium ViRSE merchants of ShopViRSE.

Powered by “Unity”, the technology powering the best video games, ViRSE ViPs can browse an exclusive selection of products, and receive expert advice and assistance from the world’s top consultants, live and in real-time – virtually!

Your Digital “You”

Envision how owning the things you’re thinking of buying will really work in your life and lifestyle. From your home and decor, to your clothing and style and almost everything in between, the true power of ViRSE is that it allows you to virtually build the life you desire using its powerful yet intuitive configuration and visualization functions.

It takes a ViLLAGE…

Make shopping social.

With ViRSE, get input and insight from your clique as well as Pro’s – others with experience or knowledge of the purchases you’re contemplating.

The ViRSEWare Effect

The ViRSE App comes pre-loaded on exclusive ViRSEWare™ devices for users seeking to experience the Ultimate in 3D Commerce. ViRSEWare needs to be seen to be believed, but believe this: Shop the Virtual Universe Like Never Before