2021: The Messenger Tipping Point

Monday, March 15, 2021

This moment in 2021 will likely be looked upon in years to come as a genuine tipping point in the messenger app landscape; as Apple ramps up its privacy requirements, WhatsApp endures public backlash for its broad data collection, and ex-President Donald Trump gets the boot from multiple social media accounts, we are seeing a mass migration from incumbent messenger platforms to new solutions.

While not currently caught up in this evolving privacy backlash, FB’s Messenger has always been one of the worst offenders and has openly admitted that it reads, stores, and leverages peoples’ conversations and photos so that it can better anticipate what they may purchase. In fact, if you compare all of them, Messenger is the worst of the bunch, so let’s not forget this while we find fault with the other encrypted
(and therefore more private) solutions.

Thankfully, there are other choices out there for those awakening to all the privacy leaks and potential liabilities that exist within their current apps. For example, in the days since the Jan 6th uprising, both Signal and Telegram have seen a huge boost in membership due to people across the political spectrum being fed up with companies hoovering up all their communications data to target and manipulate them
on a daily basis.

However, problems abound with these other choices, too. For example, on January 7th after Elon Musks’ endorsement, millions of users tried to install Signal, temporarily stalling the app’s ability to onboard users as fast as they were signing up.

As for Telegram, while it did not crash, many people still don’t know that it’s default chats, groups, and public channels are not encrypted. If you want an encrypted chat on Telegram, you have to make the effort to initiate a “Secret Chat.” Since most users do not use this feature, it is an ongoing back door threat. For example, if a colleague initiates a text that is not a “Secret Chat” and you respond, your
messages are NOT secure.

So the dust has not settled on what is the best alternative messenger solution at this time, and that is why it is a moment of great reckoning as everyone looks around for the optimal messenger for their particular requirements. No longer is having broad reach the most compelling feature if you can still be politically blocked, or your data used for political or commerce gain, or even hacked for financial

For the first time, the privacy and security features of a messenger app (rather than having your friends and colleagues on it) have suddenly come to the forefront of deciding what messenger to use.

Equally important to this great shake up is the fact that onboarding millions of users has become almost effortless, as people that feel strongly about security and privacy can start a group chat and send requests to others who have not yet downloaded it and bring them with one click installs into that specific group conversation.

Now is the time that everyone should be evaluating their messenger choices wisely, not just based on broad reach but rather looking to the future and requiring privacy and security for all types of conversations in any communication channel that you may use in addition to chat.

That is why we see this moment as a great opportunity to launch the ConViRSE messenger app, as it is a highly secure app that has all the privacy features we believe will become baseline table stakes for business messaging or even just talking to friends; no longer will you have to fear that these conversations will be leveraged for financial gain or exposed to the media. Using the current messenger apps for free in return for giving up all your data is an unacceptable tradeoff that has finally come to light.

ConViRSE is the encrypted, end to end secure messaging app we have all been waiting for. No more leaked messages or unprotected sensitive data. AND, most importantly, the high level security on ConViRSE is not reserved just for chat, but also for ALL of your email attachments, conference and person to person calls, and cloud storage. No longer should your team risk using Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Signal, or Telegram for business, now you can get a military grade messenger solution that complies with all local and international laws and keeps your conversations secure and safe.

Now is the time. The future is here. Check out ConViRSE while the great messenger shakeout is underway and we all look for the optimal solutions to these incredible political turmoil and mis-use of our private data.