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Shop The Virtual Universe.

Shop ViRSE is the online catalogue of existing products and merchants in the ViRSE.

ViRSE - The Virtual Universe is a fully interactive 3D world in digital space. Employing tomorrow's technologies today, our proprietary Virsware™ devices present the experience with spectacular 3D screens. Manifest your destiny with the ViRSE App - now available for Google Android with iOS coming soon. Immerse yourself in the ViRSE: Explore and Enjoy!


Feature your favorite merchants, vendors and brands in the Virse. Including your own.

ViRSE provides merchants of all kinds with an enhanced way to highlight and sell consumer goods. With the use of immersive 3D technology, ViRSE creates stereoscopic 3D product images (ShopViRSE) plus high quality, movable, exact replica 3D models of Real Life (ViRSIONs) and dynamic 3D e-commerce showrooms (ViRSE APP).

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The catalogue of digital assets in the Virse. Use credits to acquire them. Buy, sell and trade.

Products within the ViRSE are displayed in 2 different ways. The first is through 3D photos found on ShopViRSE and the second is through ViRSIONs which are exact and detailed 3D models which can be fully explored and rotated for a closer look. In addition to the ViRSIONs, merchants in the app will get access to an immersive 3D showroom where consumers get a full shopping experience that is very close to the real thing and will give shoppers an enhanced experience.

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Who Virse is for, and the benefits of citizenship.


Submit your product or service.

Everyone can be an artist in ViRSE, a shared virtual world that you help to design and decorate. Join the creator community or work directly with ViRSE to create real world models or ViRSONS for sale inside the ViRSE ecosystem. Art, music, literature - in sum, virtual representations of ALL real world products and experiences - are just some of the things that you will be able to share and monetize in ViRSE.

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Create a landing page for your brand.

Open your business to a completely new sales model where customers are incentivized by cryptocurrency rewards to display the products they love in their public collection. Become a vendor and open a virtual store where customers can purchase and spread your merchandise throughout ViRSE's ecosystem. Each item is uniquely identified with an unalterable digital tag and becomes an extension of your store. Every customer automatically becomes an ambassador to your product and your promoter.

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Build your virtual life in the digital space.

Only in the ViRSE can you build the digital life you aspire to and have it pay off in real life. You can start off as a citizen, enjoying the Shop ViRSE, then get inspired and upgrade to a VIP.
VIP allows you to earn rewards by participating in activities you perform on the site and cash in credits for digital items.
PRO Gives you all the VIP features plus getting to propose digital twins of real life goods.

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